Seb Lester

One of the joys of working on creative projects is the opportunities to collaborate with talent you admire. We’ve been fans of Seb Lester’s calligraphy skills for years, so are very pleased to finally have a chance to work with the lettering maestro on our latest project for Historic Royal Palaces.

Seb’s work is well known. It includes the Liberty wordmark, the Daily Telegraph masthead, the Waitrose logo and several covers for Penguin Books. Lettering has experienced a major revival in interest recently, and Seb is amongst the ‘A’ listers whose work is much in demand. He’s also clearly enjoying his craft’s time in the sun, sharing photos and videos of his techniques and latest work with over 1 million followers on his Instagram.

Our work with Seb is on an exhibition identity and outdoor advertising campaign for Hampton Court Palace, launching in early November.

Seb Lester’s portfolio, vimeotwitter, instagram.