Fashion Rules Restyled

An update to our outdoor advertising campaign for the hugely popular Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace.

The original Fashion Rules campaign ran in 2014. In the words of HRP’s Senior Marketing and Brand Manager, the campaign “was incredibly successfully, the creative met all the requirements of the brief being bold, stylish and having the stand-out we need to cut through the busy advertising space. The visitor numbers for Kensington have over-performed against budget since the launch of Fashion Rules and year to date we have received over 401k visitors and are up 3.5% on targets.”

“The Fashion Rules advertising campaign has undoubtedly contributed to this success, and in the summer research 62% of our London audience recalled seeing the campaign. A very strong research result.”

Kate Hayward, HRP Senior Marketing and Brand Manager

In 2016 the exhibition has been updated with a host of new iconic dresses from the collections of The Queen, Princess Margaret and Diana, Princess of Wales.