Eiger Offset

A visual identity for Eiger, a new offset paper from Gould International Paper Corporation. The brief was to create a brand for the new paper that would position it as a premium product suitable for use by luxury brands.


Logo development


The chosen logo, based on a drawing of the Eiger by Swiss artist, Iuna Tinta.

The unique quality of Eiger is its ‘whiteness’. In the paper world, whiteness is measured by the ‘CIE Index’. Eiger has a lower (meaning whiter) CIE index than any other offset paper. For brands looking for a paper for their brochure or catalogue that will showcase the colours of its products as accurately as possible, this is of great value.


The final logo

It was this quality of whiteness and purity that we developed the Eiger brand around. Meaning lots of white space, photography of the Eiger’s snowy peaks and the use of neutral colours such as grey and silvers.


An early print sample using a clear foil on 120gsm Eiger paper

The launch collateral included an invitation, A4 folder and a promotional ‘belly band’. High-end print finishes included a silver foil debossed logo and glossy clear foil dots overlaying the mountain image.


Launch event invitation


Belly band on ‘Harrods Man’


Folder for paper samples


Looping animation

The new identity has just begun to be rolled out and has so far mainly been used in print channels, though a looping animation was used in some applications, including a projected backdrop at the launch party and the lead image on a launch email.

“Canvas have done a great job and created an identity we’re proud to share with our customers. The identity communicates the product’s strengths in an elegant and extremely effective way. We’re looking forward to continuing to work together on future projects.”

Mandy Kent, Gould Publications Papers